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Jërëmy Tïssïer
Art Photographer, Videographer

Macon, France

Jërëmy TÏSSÏER, Bronze medalist in the Naturalist Section, triggers his shutter in the secret lands of ordinary vegetation that cleverly hides their mysteries. Jërëmy is the discoverer of spells buried under appearance. ​


Michel King, Official Navy Painter, President of the SNBA


The artist

Jërëmy Tïssïer is a creator, professional musician for more than 20 years, videographer and art photographer.

He chooses to study, independently and self-taught, black and chaos to bring out the light. The photographic pursuit of aliens, a taste for science fiction and desert nature have always been part of his sources of inspiration.


After several exhibitions in Burgundy, Rhône-Alpes, Le Havre, Paris, where he was awarded the bronze medal at the Salon des Beaux-Arts in 2021, Jërëmy presented his Extraterrestrials in Florida in the United States for the Red Dot Miami 2022 during ART BASEL week.



Alien Hunter


In a world gone mad, Jërëmy Tïssïer takes us to another planet, where life gives shape to unusual, grandiose and fantastic vegetation.

The aliens inhabitants of this strange planet, under cover of sometimes frightening appearances, agreed to pose in front of the lens.

Between curiosity cabinet and science fiction decor, Jërëmy Tïssïer invites us on an imaginary journey in a very real world. A look at nature that is both sensitive, aesthetic and playful.

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