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I present here the first piece of the "soundtrack" of my exhibitions for the project Alien Hunter.

In order to go further in the artistic experience of my little Aliens, I now have the whim of creating an ambient sound atmosphere to accompany, or not, my shots.

About this piece, I imagined an encounter between the first human civilization and an Alien civilization, in the Sahara desert, at night.

They learn to communicate and Düntö being the first word used, means "hello".

This first piece, initiator of the project would be nothing without the meeting with Thomas Meziere(who plays inCover My Sigh) who contributed a lot in arrangements and brought me in my organization of computer music, which I understand and use very well now.

Thomas is therefore fully part of this project in this musical dimension.

I also have the honor of being able to enjoy an extraterrestrial language thanks to my dear Laurent Lunoir(who plays in Öxxö XööxRicinn, ex-Igorrr) who in addition to making the most of this language he has been creating for more than 20 years, has enriched the piece with his diverse voices for human peoples and Alien voices!

And finally, my wife,Celine Tissierwho also sings in Oxxo xoox for this project in a very different register from the one we know with Just Married Bandbecause she makes the voice of the stars at my request.

It's a long piece of more than 9 min, very introspective, and which is best listened to with headphones or quite loud.

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